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Teddy Bears Picnic -100 beers go missing after a bear break in Norway

A mother bear and her three cubs broke into a holiday cabin in Norway and lapped up 100 cans of beer and chopped down on the entire contents of the kitchen cupboards.

The bears feasted on marshmellows, honey and chocolate spread leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They trashed the entire cabin, smashing up the beds, stove and shelves.

Even Borthen Nilsen, who owns the cabin in Jarfjord, said: “They had a hell of a party in there.”

I can only assume they had an unBEARable headache the next morning.

Meanwhile across the globe in Estes Park, Colorado a black bear treated himself to delicious sweets from a chocolate store, including chocolate chip cookies, English toffees and caramel swirls.

The bear caught on CCTV was seen visiting the store 17 times in total, helping himself from the counter and taking the treats outside, he made little mess and closed the door behind him once he was satisfied. 

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